This model performance information in this presentation has been prepared by CornerCap Investment Counsel (“CornerCap”) and has not been independently verified.  It is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.

The performance reflects CornerCap’s investment models as currently implemented using US equity indices.  The performance information reflects the re-investment of dividends and other earnings.  Returns are based upon CornerCap’s index selections at the end of each week and are calculated by weightings based on our research.  CornerCap’s investment model involves a moderate to high level of portfolio turnover.  Portfolio turnover affects transaction costs and lowers returns.  Any level of portfolio turnover will have tax consequences for an investor.

The model performance results are subject to a number of limitations, and do not reflect the results of any actual CornerCap client accounts, which may be materially different from those of the models.  The performance of an actual client account will likely vary from CornerCap’s investment models for several reasons, including custodial costs and other fees, actual transaction costs in a client account being higher or lower than the model transaction costs, market conditions during trading, investment selection availability, and/or other factors.  CornerCap calculates the model performance based on the weekly total return of indices provided by Bloomberg.  However, actual client trades will be executed at the prevailing market prices, which will generally reflect a premium or discount.  This variance may result in higher or lower actual account performance over time.

Past performance of CornerCap’s models is no guarantee of future performance, and CornerCap’s strategies, like most investment strategies, involve the risk of loss.  You should not assume that future performance results will be profitable or equal to CornerCap’s past model performance.  See CornerMAP’s Form ADV Part II for a description of the risks associated with this portfolio and investing in equities.  Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that any specific investment strategy will be profitable.  The use of CornerCap’s investment models and strategies may be appropriate for certain investors as part of their overall investment strategy.  However, the use of investment models is not a substitute for personalized investment advice and investors should consult with an experienced financial advisor before investing or implementing any investment strategy.