I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have spent the majority of my career at wealth advisor firm CornerCap, partnering with clients on how to manage their wealth. It has been a privilege to “grow up” under the tutelage of the innovative investment managers who founded and continue to lead CornerCap.

From the outset, the founders of CornerCap instilled in me the value of defining your investment discipline and sticking with it. Markets will wax and wane over time and favor different types of investments during different cycles. In our experience, the secret to long term success is avoiding emotional reactions in times of market volatility, keeping long term investing goals in mind.

Last year, the founders asked a team of next-generation leaders of CornerCap (of which I am proud to be a part) to identify a way to offer our proprietary investment research, Fundametrics®, to people who are accumulating assets but have yet to qualify for our high net worth threshold of $1MM.

Through months of ideation and in partnership with our research team, we developed a cutting-edge investment platform called MAP, which stands for MAccumulation Plan. With MAP, individuals and families can access the methodology and discipline of our Fundametrics® research through our equity “tilt” approach that creatively leverages Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

My Accumulation PlanBased on signals from our investment research, MAP will “tilt” portfolios by over/underweighting asset classes, sizes or styles in search of above-market returns. Because the execution is quick and nimble, this tilt strategy methodically applies our research in a consistent and unbiased manner. Our approach guards against short-sighted, emotional reactions to market events because we have seen the detrimental impact of making decisions based on fear vs. fact.

We’re incredibly proud of MAP because it opens an avenue for people who are on the road to high net worth to have access to active investment management while avoiding the costs associated with less efficient investing approaches.

What’s In It For You?

MAP clients will receive a customized investment experience. Each MAP client will spend time upfront determining their risk tolerance, which drives their specific mix of growth and defensive investments. MAP utilizes Charles Schwab’s Institutional Intelligent Portfolio platform to process this on-boarding information, to facilitate funding of the portfolio and to calculate the specific position sizes (driven by the MAP research) of each investment. Each MAP client sets their own goals and determines how much to contribute on a monthly basis, depending on their investment time horizon and goals.

As the first step on their journey to high net worth, every MAP client receives a review of their investment strategy from a private wealth advisor after opening their account. Additionally, the client has an opportunity to receive an annual review with a wealth manager.

Building wealth is a journey – a journey that takes time – and MAP can be an important first step for you. Where will MAP take you?

Your journey awaits…