You have big plans for your life. Right now, you’re focused on your career – but you’re planning for other really exciting goals. Whether it’s a new home, dream vacation, college tuition for your kids, or even something as far out as retirement, the life you envision requires funding. You’ll need an investment strategy to get where you want to end up.

It’s hard to focus on the destination when the journey requires so much of your attention. That’s where MAP comes in.

MAP (My Accumulation Plan) is a finely-tuned investment platform designed to support active accumulators on their path to high net worth. MAP is powered by the research, experience, and investment professionals of CornerCap Wealth Advisors. By opening a MAP account, you’ll get access to the wealth-building methodology that drives our high-net-worth client portfolios, an opportunity previously reserved for those who’ve already accumulated $1 million in net worth.

(1) Open your account. Ready to take the first step on your journey to high net worth? We’ve made it easy to start. Simply fill out our questionnaire to orient us to your current time horizon and risk tolerance. One of our Wealth Accumulation Advisors will review your goals and tailor a plan designed to meet them.

(2) Fund your account. Once you’ve transferred initial funds into your account, it’s important to set up recurring contributions to stay on track toward achieving your plan.

(3) Start achieving your goals. Our mobile app makes it simple to monitor your performance anytime from anywhere you please, so you always know where you are on your accumulation journey. You’ll also track your progress in partnership with a Wealth Accumulation Advisor during your annual portfolio review session.

Investing in your future can feel like a waiting game. Stop waiting and get on the road with MAP.


Our investment philosophy is based on the independent and contrarian discipline established by the founders of CornerCap Wealth Advisors 30 years ago. In our three decades of experience building wealth for clients, we have found that a consistent value orientation, proper portfolio diversification, and transparency are the key ingredients to long term investment performance.

Through MAP, you will invest in strategies powered by independent, data-driven research. Portfolios are constructed and managed in response to unbiased data… ignoring “gut feeling” decision-making.


Your portfolio is customized to your objectives and risk tolerance. An allocation to appreciation (stocks) and defensive (bonds and cash*) assets is established in your portfolio. The appreciation assets are invested in the Opportunity Strategy. The defensive assets are invested in select fixed income ETFs.

* There is a 4% minimum cash balance.