MAP is a finely-tuned investment platform designed to support active accumulators on their path to high net worth.

Tell us your goals

Complete a brief questionnaire about yourself as well as your personal and financial goals. Everyone is different, and every accumulation plan is tailored based on time horizon and goals.

Set your path

We take your information from the questionnaire and generate a personalized investment plan that fits your savings objectives and overall risk tolerance.

Start your journey

Make the initial deposit and set up recurring monthly contributions. Your long-term goals require commitment, and recurring contributions keep you on the path to financial freedom.

Take the lead

Become a MAP client now by opening an account with Institutional Intelligent Portfolios®. Download our mobile app to track your portfolio anytime, anywhere.


Exclusive Investment Research:  Portfolio strategies powered by independent, data-driven research ordinarily reserved for ultra-high net worth investors.

Active Investment Management: Opportunistic strategies using active targeting and rebalancing.

Individualized Portfolios: Customized portfolios using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Online Account Access: View your account details online or on-the-go with our website and app powered by Charles Schwab.

Direct Deposit and Account Transfers: Invest straight from your checking account.

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


Building financial security is a journey. In a market full of cookie cutter solutions, MAP – short for My Accumulation Plan – offers a unique approach to accumulating wealth through a tilt investment strategy and a wealth of content for the accumulator.

MAP makes it easy to start your journey.

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Asset-based, annual fee of 1.00%

$5,000 minimum balance

No Trading Costs

No Account Transfer Costs

Unlimited Rebalancing at No Cost

Take your Portfolio on the Road with the Mobile MAP App

It’s fast, free and gives you the ability to monitor your portfolio from wherever life takes you.

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